Introduction to Edinburgh Art Studies

The Edinburgh Art Studies courses were generated by a career in teaching A level and University students in the outstanding collections of the National Galleries of Scotland, and the magnificent architecture of Edinburgh. Whether at home or abroad the thrill of seeing paintings, sculptures and buildings in the flesh never fails to impress and teaching in front of works of art and architecture is a principal objective of all the courses offered.

Ann Buchanan

Ann Buchanan graduated with Joint Honours in Fine Art at Edinburgh University and has taught History of Art and Art from Prep School to University level. She currently teaches practical Art and History of Art at Loretto School and lectures for The Art Fund, NADFAS, and the Belfast Society. Ann has  directed Edinburgh Art Studies since 1997. A Bohemian background (literally, both her parents were brought up in Bohemia ) and a year in Italy between school and University made a permanent impression and inspired tours for family, friends and pupils in Florence, Rome and Venice. Gradually,  parents, younger siblings and grandparents have joined these popular tours.

The courses have proved popular: 'I have been on many of Ann’s courses, either on my own or with my husband and ‘A’ level History of Art daughter. The delights of traveling and seeing works of art with Ann are legendry. She has the ability to excite one’s mind with the art, manage to get into places not many tourists can, find quirky and wonderful places to stay, not to mention the best food. Hugh’s master class lessons are fantastic, but I cannot understand why we can’t all paint like him! I cannot recommend travels with the Buchanan family more, we learn, we laugh and we all go back.' (Judy Nichol, Perthshire)